slouchy-pom hat pattern

Finally! The slouchy-pom hat pattern is ready for sale! :) A special thanks to my pal Kasi for being an excellent model for the official photo shoot!

$4.00 USD

The slouchy-pom pattern is just for the hat. the mitts are a slight modification of the fantabulous pattern, Raspberry Mitts. I'll try to get the details of my modifications up on Ravelry soon.

The slouchy-pom hat takes one skein of Cascade Eco Duo, a beautifully soft and fluffy alpaca yarn. It sheds a bit, but creates a superbly interesting fabric.

Such a simple hat pattern can be modified in several ways - fair isle, stripes, embellishments like embroidery or buttons. The possibilities are endless! It's always my hope that people will take what I've created and make it their own. This is one of the best parts of knitting!

Customize your slouchy-pom hats! I can't wait to see the different versions people create.

  $4.00 USD