Knitting Inspiration - Anthropologie

I've always been inspired by trips to Anthropologie. Their wide array of display styles, colors, patterns and products have always kept me fascinated. I know I'm not the only person that feels inspired looking at their window displays because there are entire blogs dedicated to the Anthro shopping experience. In my recent trip to the store, I was inspired by several of their knitted items (of course).

Here are a few of my favorites. Yes. I snapped pictures inside the store. So shoot me, already!

An adorable headband and earwarmer, this little guy is knitted in a puffy single ply yarn - a heavy worsted weight would by my guess. Malabrigo Worsted might be a good choice in replicating this. It's constructed in three separate sections worked in 1x1 rib, then the strips are braided together and the cast on and bind off edges are seamed together. Easy peasy! And very cute.

This beautiful cloche hat was a very dense material. A crochet fabric might be better for structure, but you could just as easily create a simple knitted cap for this type of look. An agora blend yarn would be a good choice, or something with alpaca, or perhaps event mohair. The pretty bow is simply sewn on after the hat is made.

I have a few awesome embellishments of my own at home awaiting placement on some knitted goods. I like to get my embellishments at Soutache, a store selling trims, ribbons and buttons in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. I think it's one of my favorite places in the city.

There were also a great array of beautiful gloves at the store. These were among my favorites - a bit of colorwork to brighten up any drab winter wardrobe. I prefer the middle version, with the tan and yellow. This simple leafy vine pattern would be easy to replicate on a bevy of knitted accessories. What an inspiration! I keep seeing fairisle items all over this year, so I need to get working on one!

Are there stores or places that inspire your knitting?