Quince & Co. and Some Snow!

Chicago gets a fair amount of snow, but not as much as you'd think based on its proximity to Lake Michigan. Nevertheless, it's freezing here, and the slush is starting to set in. I recently made some online orders and both of them came yesterday, brightening my day!

A bit of lovely yarn from Quince & Co. - 2 skeins of Lark, a puffy 4-ply made from 100% American Wool. The skeins are extremely squishy, and my boyfriend thought I was a bit crazy squeezing the skeins and looking like I was going to pass out!

I purchased two colorways - Bark, a lovely earthy brown,  and Frost, a white tinged with the slightest bit of blue - intending to create a colorwork hat or cowl. I can't wait to wind these up and start swatching :) You'll have to excuse the blurry shot - my iPhone and indoor lighting to not mix.

The package included a Tern colorcard and a signed thank you note from the folks at Quince & Co. - how sweet is that?

I also received my adorable gift tags from Knitterella - super cute. I love how they make it easy to include care instructions with your knitted gift - and in a beautiful way! Here's a shot from the website:


I have quite a few knitted gifts going out this year and these tags will make each one a bit more special. I'll share the details of my super secret Holiday knitting soon!