Rasta Neckwarmer - Buttonholes

I've received many inquiries about my Rasta Neckwarmer pattern from Malabrigo Book Three. Most of them are regarding the buttonhole bindoff and button placement. I figured I'd write this post in order to illustrate how to finish the neckwarmer.

The pattern consists of a very simple construction - it's basically like knitting a wide, short scarf. The buttonholes are created during the bindoff row - not before or after. 

The Bindoff in the pattern states: Work following bind off row passing the first over the second stitch for all sts including each yarn over which creates the butonhole loops.

The buttonholes are created within each yarn over section of the bindoff. Here is an illustration of what the bindoff and button placement should look like:

Please note - the neckwarmer shown only has 3 buttons, whereas the pattern is written for 4 smaller buttons. If you follow the pattern correctly, there will be 4 buttonholes worked across the bindoff edge.

I hope this illustration has helped everyone! Please let me know if you still have questions!

Also, sorry for the fuzzy iphone photos!