Where are they now? Malabrigo Book Three Design Samples

Full disclosure: I've been a naughty Knitting & Crochet Blog Week participant! Having not posted this yesterday, I am going to post twice today to make up for it! :)

Whatever happened to your __________? Write about the fate of a past knitting project. 

My design samples for Malabrigo Book Three have amassed more miles than I have!

Rasta Neckwarmer

Their journey began in Uruguay as wool on sheep, then they journeyed to the mill where they were processed and skeined. The skeins then traveled to the folks at Malabrigo, where they were lovingly kettle dyed to perfection.

Then the yarns were shipped to me in Chicago, and I wound them into balls, swatched with them, created my designs, and finally, knit them into the samples seen in Book Three.

The finished samples then made their way to California along with the patterns for some tech editing.


Scalloped Shawl - Silky VersionGwen, the tech editor, then sent the samples back to Uruguay, where they were styled and photographed for the book.

Scalloped Shawl - Sock Version

Soon the samples will be shipped around the world, making their way to yarn shops for trunk shows, and to events like Stitches and TNNA.

These samples have traveled more than me! I've only visited California once - and I don't even have a passport!

It does make me happy that so many people will get to see and touch the actual pieces from the book, which were lovingly handknit by me in my tiny Chicago apartment.