Featured FOs: French Braid Cowl

oh boy has it been a wet and blustery spring in Chicago. ugh. and the weather funk has been affecting everyone around me, too.

we all seem to be in the dulrums, until the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and we all start smiling again. things start to look up. flip flops and lightweight jackets are spotted, and endless babies seem to appear in front of my very eyes.

and i'm here again with a few beautiful finished projects made from my pattern - the french braid cowl.

by h82purl via Flickr

this beauty was knit up by Roe (h82purl on Ravelry) using Malabrigo Twist in Zinc. i adore the colorway. and, of course, i have to comment on the outstanding buttons. because apparently i have a major fascination with buttons. thanks to Roe for letting me share.

by h82purl via Flickrevery time i see this gorgeous Twist yarn i just want to eat it. I love how the plys (plies?) are a little nubbly and thick & thin. and it has the most buttery feeling to knit with. each of my finished projects knit with Twist have been kept in my drawer....and not given away....i love them :)

i have another FO to share with you.

© Salmonheadthis lovely french braid cowl was knit by Susan (Salmonhead on Ravelry) using Malabrigo Worsted in Azul Profundo. gorgeous! check out Susan's button placement - way different from Roe's picture above. each person who has knitted the french braid cowl has customized the button placement to fit their preferences. love it!

(C) Salmonheadthis awesome shot is modeled by Susan's friend, Tasha. that cowl looks so snuggly!

but alas, my favorite shot is the one below, where the french braid cowl is modeled by the floppy-haired pooch! i just want to squeeeeeeze <3

(C) Salmonhead