Knitting Astrology by Canary Knits

Source: AstrologyWeekly.comIf you don't already read the Canary Knits blog, I would highly recommend it as a great site for discovering new indie designers. This month, the Canary Knits blog has been featuring a series of posts entitled "Knit-Strology; Or, Extrapolations Based on General and Specific Nonsense".

Saturday's post featured Gemini, which is my astrological sign. I'm not one to "buy in" to things like this, but I've always found the typical Gemini description to fit my personality pretty well.

Canary Knits' post is no exception:

"Gemini love change, freedom, independence and communication. When you do show up for knit nights (sorry, you can be flighty! things don't always hold your attention for very long), you're the one to ask for advice. What should I knit for my impossible-to-knit-for brother? Will this variegated yarn compliment my hair colour?"

The series is very fun - a nice uplift for the gray, cold weather we are experiencing in Chicago. Check out your sign!