399 Projects - a featured FO: michelle8601's Rasta Neckwarmer

Since the launch of Malabrigo Book Three back in January 2011, there have been a flurry of projects on Ravelry for the Rasta Neckwarmer pattern

With the project tally lurching toward 400 projects (399 as of today!), I figured it would be appropriate to feature one of the lovely neckwarmer FOs.

This version, lovingly crafted by michelle8601, uses Malabrigo Rasta in Indiecita (#416).

Indiecita is a stunning colorway that fuses sea glass-esque colors: blue, teal, green, indigo, and sometimes the slightest hint of ochre.
As you can see from the finished Rasta Neckwarmer, this colorway just shines when worked up in a simple stitch pattern.
I love the contrasting coconut shell buttons Michelle used for her project (Purchased from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabric).
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