New Pattern: Indigo Swan Cowl

It's no secret that I love knitting with Swans Island yarns. They are dyed using natural ingredients, such as roots, leaves, insect shells and natural indigo. And many of them are certified organic.

I've been lucky enough to work with a variety of their yarns - laceweight, fingering, worsted and bulky - and they are among the softest I've ever worked with. The colors achieved from the natural dyes are both brilliant and nuanced.

While at TNNA this past June, I chatted with Michele from Swans Island about potential new design ideas, and several skeins of their beautiful bulky weight came home with me to Chicago.

I fell in love with an indigo-colored skein. Many people are hesitant to knit with yarns dyed with natural indigo because the color rubs off onto your hands (and bamboo needles). It's a natural part of the process that easily washes off with soap and water. And, I learned that Eucalan is amazing at removing the extra indigo during the soaking process.

Personally, I don't mind getting a bit messy while I'm knitting. Especially when I get a finished project like the Indigo Swan Cowl. By the way, that's what this post is actually about.

The Indigo Swan Cowl is the second pattern in the Summer Stack e-book subscription.

Through September 30, 2012, this pattern is available for purchase from Doodlebug Yarns, or as part of the Summer Stack collection. After September 30, the Indigo Swan Cowl will be available for individual purchase on Ravelry.