Quick Pre-Fall Knitting Projects

If you're anything like me, then you've been knitting up a storm all summer. No? You don't like to work with worsted weight wool draped across your lap in 98 degree weather? Pssh.

Well, fine. But fall and winter are quickly approaching. And mixed in with the humid weather, I've already experienced a few chilly, blustery nights here in the Windy City.

And those nights really make me want to knit. I'm sure they make you want to knit too.

To capitalize on those random, brisk pre-fall evenings, you should take up a few portable projects so your wardrobe is prepared when full-fall sets in. It's coming fast, promise.

The Roscoe Village Hat is a great pre-fall knitting project. You can knit one for yourself, your significant other, your kids, or even check a holiday gift off your list (yes, I'm really getting ahead of myself now).

I knit up a few of these hats last fall for my boyfriend. Guess what? He wears them. Yup. That means they're man approved. That's a hard-won achievement in my household. 

Roscoe Village Hat: $5.00 buy now