A Tip on Blocking Hat Decreases

Several of my hat patterns are somewhat tubular in shape (including the recently released Fall Flux Hats and Whelk Hat).

When hats are shaped like long tubes, it is sometimes difficult to block the hat decreases so they don't pucker at the top of the hat.

My favorite way to block hats like this is by using a tub of protein whey, like the one pictured below. I borrow one of these tubs (barrels?) from my boyfriend whenever I need to block hat decreases! I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy - but it works!

The key is to block the hat flat until it is about halfway dry. You just want it damp, not wet. That way, it won't stretch the hat out of shape while the decreases relax.

When the hat is halfway dry, place it gently over the inverted tub. Smooth the crown decreases flat and make sure the sides are even across the brim. Make sure you haven't stretched or pulled the hat during this process.

The crown decreases should look like this:

A lot less puckering, right? And the finished product looks like this: