New Pattern: Scalar Shawl

Sometimes you just want to snuggle up in a big blanket.

On a blustery day. At the office. In a chilly cafe or movie theatre.

Unless you tote a snuggy around with you at all times (and I hope you don't) then you're left with the normal scarf or jacket to keep you warm.

Here's my solution: the Scalar Shawl

It's fashionable and functional. It looks great with a sweater, a jacket or a winter coat. And it can be worn in multiple ways (see photos).

The best thing about this shawl? It could not be simpler to knit. Garter stitch. Big needles. It's quick and satisfying!

And, like most of my patterns, there are a few variations to appeal to a wide array of knitters.





















Depending on color choices, the piece takes on a very different vibe.

Using 3 similar colors - check out the brown example - the piece has a gradient effect.

Using 3 contrasting colors, the piece ends up with solid color blocks and marled color blocks.

The Scalar Shawl is currently available for purchase ($5) via Doodlebug Yarn.