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Juliette Scarf

As light as a whisper, this scarf can be worn draped loosely or wrapped around a few times and tied with a gentle knot.

The border is constructed with an open texture that resembles a diagonal basket weave while the interior of the piece is stockinette.

The Juliette Scarf is one of my most recent patterns available through yarn shops, published by Swans Island.

One skein of Swans Island Lace yarn and a bit of easy-peasy lace gets the job done!


Notes on Design - Swans Island Blog Feature

If you get bored today, take a little looky-loo over at the Swans Island blog where you can read my interview.

Anna Cowl (C) Swans Island


Swans Island Pattern Collection

A little while ago I told you that I have 3 designs in the Swans Island Fall 2011 pattern collection. They announced the collection today and I have pictures to share!!


The open book hat using Swans Island Worsted

(C) Swans Island

The snow bowl hat using Swans Island bluky weight

(C) Swans Island

and the anna cowl using Swans Island worsted weight

(C) Swans Island

Visit the Swans Island website for the entire collection!



I know, I know. People really hate swatching. And, I admit, I used to be one of those people. Recently though, I've been on a swatching kick.

Every so often I discover one of those stitch patterns that keeps my interest while also allowing for easy, enjoyable knitting. Whenever I find one of these gems, I begin knitting it up in a variety of yarn weights, using various needle sizes in order to achieve the perfect fabric.

This happens to be one of those stitch patterns.

It's an 8 row repeat that includes a lot of purling. I'm usually not a big fan of purling, but I've gotten much quicker at it now that I've spent several hours working with this stitch pattern!

Stitch pattern via the Harmony Guides: Lace & Eyelets

Yarn is Swans Island Organic Merino Worsted in logwood


Anna Cowl Preview - Swans Island Pattern Collection

I have 3 designs in the new Swans Island pattern collection coming out later this summer. My favorite is the Anna Cowl - a lovely loop knit up in garter stitch and a simple scalloped lace pattern. The Swans Island Certified Organic Merino Worsted is lovely to work with and the finished product is BEYOND soft and drapey.